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For your to succeed, your Advisor’s goals must be aligned to your goals. We founded our firm and named it Parallel Financial to communicate our core value of always being aligned with our clients. Our success is based on your success. We are a Fiduciary. Which means our standard is to do what is in your best interest. The foundation of our relationship with you is firmly rooted in transparency, simplicity, and conflict free advice.


Why is this in your favor? With the average age of the owners at 43, you will be able to establish a lasting relationship with us for a very long time. No one is retiring anytime soon. And with our firm’s combined experience of 60 years, you get the best both worlds, experience and longevity in the relationship.


Being independent also gives us the ability to truly act in your best interest. Our partnerships with Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers allows us to custody your assets at institutions that are sound, diverse, and nationwide. Unlike much of the industry, there are never any “in house” products that we put your money in. Instead, we have an open architecture which means we can truly invest in any security that will help you meet your goals.


Our compensation is derived from a fee % calculated on the market value of your account. If the account grows in value, you make more money and we make more money. If it drops in value, you make less and we make less. By aligning our interests together this way, we avoid the pitfalls and conflicts that can come from commissioned transactions.


Your point of contacts include owners of the firm. We all work as a team to make sure your needs are met. No more middlemen. No more important decisions affecting you being made by people who don’t even know you. As owners, we have as much if not more “skin in the game” as you do. Our livelihoods and assets are invested in this company as well.


We are a “high tech, high touch” firm. This means that we have embraced all facets of technology to make your financial experience easier. Online media, Blogs, Videos, and interactive presentations keep you always in touch with your financial goals and investments. You don’t have to wait for an annual meeting to find out what’s going on. You have the important information you need all the time at your fingertips.

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